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Property Title Search Report

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    Find Reliable Property Document Verification Lawyers near You

    Are you looking for a lawyer who can handle property document verification and registration near you? We provide legal opinion from the best asset verification lawyers and law firms. The lawyer will ensure that the house or flat has a marketable title, is in accordance with the approved plan and is approved by all relevant government agencies.

    Before you buy a property, you need to do Property Document verification which avoid all complications and risks related to the property. Most of the time realtors launch big projects without all the necessary licenses which stalls the project and destroys your investment. Also, when you are buying a detached property, there may be issues regarding the legal ownership of the property. We warn you of any such problems. So first property document verification is required and then proceed further process.

    Obtaining a legal opinion for a property investment involves checking to ensure that the property’s records comply with the law and other factors, including whether the property is being bought by a developer or subject to another sale, requiring different documents. In the latter case it will be easier to take proper care of the property as the original owner will already have the title documents ready for registration. However, it is the buyer’s responsibility to legally confirm ownership of the property before registration. This allows Property Document verification lawyer or property lawyer to get all the information regarding the property and give a legal opinion on whether to buy the property or get legal advice on the property document.

    Property Document verification involves verifying the documents related to the property so that the customer can get complete information, genuineness and reliability of the documents related to the property. However, we always recommend that you consult an attorney in person for your final decision.

    After submitting the property details, our legal experts will verify and scrutinize the documents/records and give an expert opinion on the matter. Also provide all assistance to get full title of the property.

    People invest their whole life savings to buy property so it is important to verify and check the property documents before buying the property and protect yourself from the risk of fraud, faulty title and fraudulent documents. Our team of experienced lawyers across 100+ cities in India provides first rate professional legal services and guidance for your asset of Property Document verification process.

    What is included in Property Document verification?

    • Production of last 13 years title search report and certified copy from Registrar / Deputy Registrar office.

    • Verification of previous ownership documents to check title and rights of seller.

    • Verification of sale deed to check the title and rights of the seller.

    • Verification of the contract of sale to check the title and rights of the seller.

    • Verification of Conveyance Deed and Will to check the title and rights of the seller.

    • Verification of Perpetual Lease Deed to check the title and rights of the seller.

    • Verify and check that the documents have been registered and the correct stamp duty has been paid.

    When you enter into a property transaction, you need to do Property Document verification:

    • When you are taking a home loan as a buyer

    • When you mortgage your property to get a loan against the property

    • When you are taking property for commercial purposes on long-term lease etc.

    For properties worth lakhs and crores, spending a few thousand on verification is a wise decision as it will ensure that you are investing such a huge amount in the right property. Compared to the commission charged by real estate brokers, the cost of title verification is almost negligible.